Field trip to Mediapolis

October 8, on a particularly foggy day, students of the User Experience Design course visited Mediapolis, where our new campus is going to be located.

The purpose of this field trip was to achieve a task, ‘Designing concept for interactive learning environment’, which is the main assignment of the course, by seeing the actual place other than just reading blueprints to get realistic idea.

Unfortunately, the floors which TAMK is going to use, were not allowed to be visited this time, since those were in use by Yle currently and they were extremely busy due to upcoming programs.

Nevertheless, this field trip gave the opportunity to students, at least, to glimpse the general atmosphere of our new campus. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Interactive mat projected on the floor in front of main entrance

Students exploring Mediapolis

One of the lounge, which is still in process of renovation

Meeting room, which sparks creative idea of Yle people. We are going to design ours!

Pictures and text: Jungsoo Moon 2013