1st Week as an Exchange Student of Art/Media

First days in Finlayson campus and many questions in mind. From the left
Marieke Claassens, Klemen Krulec, Benedikt Ruf and Jürgen Rudigier
Story: Maša Pelc
Information on information on information.  It’s unpleasant necessity, but luckily there were some fun intermezzo activities to brake the boringness.

The orientation course began on Monday 22nd, but Art and Media students gathered at Finlayson campus on Wednesday. We sat around in a circle and introduced ourselves to one another. We got a lot of useful information from our international coordinator and even met some of the professors who gave us brief information about their courses.

The Finlayson student union had their presentation too and we did remember the most important thing of all: “They’re here to HELP us.” In general everyone was very kind and helpful. Later that day Mrs. Sohvi showed us around the campus.  We all were very impressed with it and think it’s the best. Where else can you find classrooms with names of the planets.

Mrs. Sohvi then kindly organized a visit to Tampere Art Museum on Friday, where we were able to enjoy the special 80th Anniversary Jubilee Exhibition “Is This for Real”. The exhibition was interesting and diverse. It’s definitely worth to visit it.

To summon up: the week shows promising start of our exchange in Finland and we are eager to start the courses already. 2nd week couldn’t come soon enough.

Special thanks goes to Mrs. Sohvi who goes to all the trouble of helping us with various things without a second thought. We appreciate it.

The author is one of our 28 exchange students this autumn