TTVO Victorious at Blue Sea Film Festival

The producer of Change of State, Mikko Helmanen, after the winning ceremony
Photo: Jussi Sandhu

Story: Jussi Sandhu
English translation: Salla Lehtikangas

Blue Sea Film Festival was held at Rauma for the 18th time on 19.-21.8.2011. Six TTVO (School of Art&Media) films were competing in the student series of the Baltic Herring short film competition. "Change of State" (Muutos meitä johtaa), a TTVO thesis film which opened it's festival tour at Rauma, won the first place in the student series as well as the prize of the best short film in the entire festival, the Golden Baltic Herring.

- This recognition feels especially awesome when looking back at all the setbacks that were involved in the making of this film. For a long time we weren't sure it would get made at all, one of the directors, Ville Hakonen, says.

Another thesis film, "A Song From Silent Waters" (Laulu sieltä missä tyyntä on) directed by Outi Tienhaara, won the third prize in the student series. The only film rewarded in the open competition, Place to Stay, also had the names of many current TTVO students in it's ending credits.

All in all 49 films entered the competition from eight Baltic coastal states. The jury praised the nominees especially for including a marine theme, significant for the festival, in many of the stories. In “Change of State” a journey is made through the Gulf of Finland to Estonia, whereas “A Song from Silent Waters” places it’s folk tale of solitude near water.

- Certain members of our school’s staff didn’t think this film would even get nominated at any festivals. This was our first award and I feel good on the behalf of the whole crew, Tienhaara comments.
A Song from Silent Waters is based on folk tales of Näkki,
an enchanting creature living underwater.
Image: Tommi Musturi

The winners will continue their journeys soon. All three shorts can be viewed, along with many other TTVO films, at the Reikäreuna film festival this September.

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