The Reach now online with English subtitles

The Reach (Loppuun palaneet) participated in the Uneton 48 - competition, where you have to write, shoot and finish a short film in 48 hours. It is a post-apocalyptic short film about a world, where the Sun is too close to Earth.

The film asks the following questions:

  • What is meaningful in a world, where man has to fight against invincible forces of nature?
  • What happens, when Sun that has been worshipped for centuries becomes our enemy, the cooling water burns our skin and light no longer shows us the right path, but instead blinds our eyes?
The film was nominated for best cinematography (Anne-Mari Musturi) and best sound design / music (Michael Law) in the Uneton 48 finale. In addition, director Miro Laiho won the best film idea pitching contest in the event.

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The Music Score (Michael Law home)