Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award 2010

Deadline of submissions July 30

The Ubimedia competition seeks to broaden our understanding of where and how ubiquitous media will influence our future life. We are looking for disruptive artistic visions as well as clever near-to-market solutions off the beaten tracks! This includes any range of innovative ubimedia, pervasive, or ambient products and services. The Ubimedia Award is a highly interdisciplinary competition and we invite Designers, Computer Scientists, Artists, Economists and Engineers to take a stand on the following questions with their entries:

  • What is the particular aesthetic experience opened up by the rise of ubiquitous and ambient media?
  • What constitutes the specific intelligence that drives future media environments?
  • How will location- and context-aware media services change our social life?
  • How will our future lives look like in the era of ubiquitous computation, and how can society benefit from these advanced technologies?
The award sum for the Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award is 7 000€.

TAMK is one of the organisers of this competition.

Ubimedia Award home

The nominees of Ubimedia Award will be invited to MindTrek Awards prize ceremony at the MindTrek Conference October 6-8 2010|||
Pictured winners of Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards 2009 from right to left: Third Price winner Jan Roters, Traffic Light Detector (Germany), second prize winner Katrina Bekessy, PING, the Smart Trash Bin (USA), and the winners with Donkeypedia Frank Alsema and Joost van Eeden, the Netherlands