IMPs Go Up

President Markku Lahtinen taking the students to the sky
Story: Johanna Peltola
The higher levels of the IMP-life were concretely experienced after two IMPs headed their way to the local airport for an unforgettable flight. The flight event was arranged by the TAMK Aviation Club for the fifth time.

The vehicle was an ultra light aircraft piloted by no other than the TAMK President Markku Lahtinen himself. The two-seater aircraft called Eurostar was assembled by the TAMK students of aircraft technology during the years 2005-2006 as a project work. The maximum flying altitude of 2000 feet was more than enough to provide stunningly scenic views over the city of Tampere. Rest assured the author was provided some gastrointestinal excitement too as the skilled pilot demonstrated the groovy aerial moves. What a memorable ending for the first year!
The TAMK Aviation Club takes the lucky students up in the sky few times a year. Keep an eye on TAMK Intranet if you fancy a flight with the Headmaster as only the quickest make it once the chance comes.

Tampere outskirts from above
If flying is the thing that tickles you, take a peek at the website of

TAMK Aviation Club (in Finnish only so far)

Pictures: Amir Abdi

IMPs are students of TAMK international (interactive) Media Programme
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