Connection Lost was shot in the beginning of July

Actor Raimo Grönberg, Outi Hartikainen and Hannu Koivuranta in Action
Story: Hannu Koivuranta
Having received a 5000 euro production grant from the Languages Through Lenses 2010 -shortfilm competition "Connection Lost" went under production on the night of 2nd and 3rd of July. The film is directed by Outi Hartikainen and found its idyllic location in Lempäälä near Tampere.

Challenges included the Finnish summer: the script happens during nighttime and since we are only a week after Midsummer's Day the length of twilight is only five hours. Shot and light planning was more precise than ever before in order to reach the level of maximum efficiency during the shoot.

The script - written by Hannu Koivuranta and Outi Hartikainen - has been revised further from the original script so there is something new to everybody.

The final deadline of the film is 7th of September when the Prix Europa -festival is due. The local premier of the film will be arranged some weeks after that and it will be a co-premier with two other shortfilms: "Aseveljet" (Eng. "Brothers In Arms") and "Etsivä Löytää" (Eng. "Finders, Keepers")

Photo: Eero Alava

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