TTVO Special Screening at Tampere Film Festival

There is a special screening of new TTVO short films at Tampere Film Festival Thursday March 5 12 am in Hällä. TTVO is the Finnish abbreviation for TAMK School of Art and Media.

The films are:

THE BUSKER, Fiction // 3 min, Director: Joonas Selin
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Experimental // 3 min, Director: Henna Inkinen
THE ELECTRICIAN, Fiction // 14 min, Director: Miina Alajärvi
LOST AND FOUND, Fiction // 4 min, Director: Kaisa Tomperi
WHOLE, Experimental // 3 min, Director: Sanni Rajapolvi
RAIN MUST FALL, Fiction // 19 min, Director: Anna-Kaisa ”Niisku” Haapala
SPEAKEASY! -MUSICAL, Fiction // 19 min, Director: Juha Kuoppala
WAITING, Fiction // 6 min, Director: Outi Ylä-Outinen
DECISION, Fiction // 5 min, Director: Emmi-Sofia Markkanen
FAT RAT JACKET, Fiction // 14 min, Director: Hanna Hurri
WHIPPED CREAM WITH STRAWBERRIES, Fiction // 3 min Director: Aleksi Närvä

You can find descriptions of the films and details about the crews at the Tampere Film Festival webpage for the TTVO screening

TTVO screening

Some of the films also have websites and/or trailers online:

Suicidal Tendencies
Rain Must Fall
Fat Rat Jacket
The Electrician
The Busker
Tampere Film Festival March 4-8

Photo from Rain Must Fall

Hint: You can also see most of these films at Tampere Art Factory May 15-16