Toni Edo Comes Back to Tampere with Family 068

Yesterday I got a hilarious Facebook message from Toni Edo: "It's sauna time".

Toni Edo is one of the Interactive Media Programme 2005 students at TAMK School of Art and Media. He will travel again from Barcelona to Tampere, this time because his film was chosen to Tampere International Film Festival.

The film, Family 068 (Familia 068) is a 27 minute documentary filmed in Nicaragua. More than 500 people have their homes in Nicaragua's biggest dump. They are numbered, but have no name. Are they happy in spite of the hard living conditions? Or is it a resigned happiness?

Toni has directed and produced the short film together with Rubén Margalló.

More than 3000 films from 73 countries were offered to the Tampere Film Festival International Competition, 340 of them documentaries. Sixtynine films were selected, 19 of them documentaries including Toni's film.

Can't wait to see Toni and his film. Tampere Film Festival will be March 4-8 2009.

Welcome back to Tampere, Toni.

Tampere International Short Film Festival