Coming this spring: HERA by Sanni Rajapolvi

HERA is a joint production of both the fine art and the media students of the School of Art and Media. It started as an experimental exercise last spring, but grew up to be the graduation project of Sanni Rajapolvi.

HERA is a contemporary film about identity and motherhood.

This modern work portrays the thoughts of a young woman, who struggles with her self, seeking her identity. The battle of mind is presented trough a surrealistic fight with her double where the line between reflection and actual dissolves. The young and insecure mind is fluid.

HERA is a dream about seeking the right choice.

Sanni Rajapolvi, writer and director of HERA, is a becoming Contemporary artist. Her work includes modern motion picture and installation. HERA is her graduation work from Tampere University of Applied Sciences Fine Arts Programme.

HERA (Trailer)
HERA at Facebook

You can enjoy HERA at Tampere Art Factory festival May 15-16