Our Art Exhibition in Miskolc

Story: Minna Suoniemi

Karton Szalon Gallery in Miscolc, the Hungarian twin city of the City of Tampere, shows an art exhibition of young artists from Tampere. All the artists are TAMK Fine Art Programme graduates from last year or still students of the programme.

The exhibition is arranged by the City of Tampere Culture Department in cooperation with the City of Miskolc and the Miskolc Art Museum. The local press and television notized the opening of the exhibition. It is open February 2 - March 1.

The artists of the exhibition are:

Hannamari Matikainen, photographs
Kaija Papu, photographs
Sanni Seppä, paintings
Jere Seppänen, installation
Samppa Törmälehto, installation
Jarno Vesala, installation

Risto-Pekka Blom
Henna Inkinen

Kaija Papu

Sanni Rajapolvi

There is also a TAMK School of Art and Media corner screening a collection of fine art student's video works.