Tampere Art Factory again in May

The second edition of Tampere Art Factory (TAF) will be experienced May 15-16 at Finlayson, heart of the City of Tampere.

TAF is above all a demonstration of the skills of the graduating Bachelors of Culture and Arts and their friends. TAF is fine art exhibitions, film screenings, interactive media, installations, music, lights - everything that the students of TAMK School of Art and Media are able to do with excellence.

TAF is also very international: This year we had 50 guests from 15 countries at TAF and the International Week over the days before the festival.

Results of the International Week workshops were a part of the TAF programme. The VJ/Audio workshop, led by the Academy of Popculture from Holland, with participants from five countries, screened their show "Energy". The participants of the Light Painting workshop, led by the Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany, with participants from seven countries, made light paintings of the festival participants.

TAF preparations are now keeping the students of the School of Art and Media very busy. You will soon find more information at the TAF web-site.

Tampere Art Factory
Photos: VJ/Audio Energy workshop preparing and screening their show