Meet Tussikerho

Two visual design students and two graduated students have organised Tussikerho* at Tampere. The concept of Tussikerho was imported by Mari Huhtanen (in picture) from Manchester, the city of her exchange studies.

Here is how Mari puts it: "Tussikerho is an event where you are allowed to draw on tables. No one looks at your angrily or takes your marker away, you can finally do something that you already wanted to do when you were 7 year old!"

Besides Mari credits for the Tussikerho go to Liina Luoma, Noora Federley and Minna-Elina Hakomäki

First Tussikerho meeting was organised on 30.11. at Kahvila Hertta, Tampere

Tussikerho on facebook

*Tussikerho = felt tip pen club