Media Programme Application Pretask Online - Kickoff in 2 Weeks

Two weeks to go: application time for the degree programmes taught in English of Finnish universities of applied sciences starts on Monday, January 12th and is closed on Friday February 13th.

Applicants to the new Media Programme shall complete a three-part pre-task in addition to the normal application procedure. The pre-task is now available at the web-page of the programme.

Interactivity design, visual design, project design, game development, animation, social media and such topics have earlier been studied in the Media Programme taught in Finnish at the TAMK School of Art and Media. For international students there has been the one term Interactive Media Programme. Now the Finnish Media Programme will be split in the Film and Television Programme (in Finnish) and the Media Programme. The Media Programme will also host exchange students interested in Interactive Media studies.

The degree programme in Media is a full-time 4-year Bachelor programme leading to a Bachelor of Culture and Arts degree.

Find the pre-task and all application process details:

Degree Programme in Media

Photo: Ville Salminen Arranger: Laura Nokkala