Tampere is situated north just two hours apart from the capital city, Helsinki. We have a population of 222,512 people, making us the third largest city in Finland. We are located between two lakes: Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, and we really love our green parks and lake scenery. The whole city is divided into two parts by the Tammerkoski rapids: the eastern and western sides, making it easy to navigate in the city.

Studying in TAMK gives you the advantage of being in a big city with all the comforts of a small one. But don’t take our word for it, we asked some of the students already studying in TAMK why they feel Tampere is the best place to study in. And here are their answers!

1. Why is it so cool to study in Tampere?
2. Why did you choose Tampere?
3. Which places are the ones everyone needs to have seen in Tampere?
4. Any cool bars/clubs/pubs in Tampere you would recommend?


1. Tampere is relatively small, therefore everything is pretty easy to be reached, and the majority of the people here speak English.
2. I chose Tampere mostly because it is easy to get to, they have good connections to other countries, and people don’t mind if I don’t know enough Finnish.
3. Pyynikintori, Megazone, Kauppahalli, Rauhaniemi Sauna(especially during winter) and The Pispala Sauna.
4. I am not a big bar goer, but I recommend the OMA tea house not far from the train station, Bar K, Haralds Restaurant, and Space Bowling & Billiards on Hämeenkatu 23.


1. You get to meet lots of people from many different countries at an international school.  Collaborating with them gives you a new perspective on ideas and valuable experience as well as making new friends.
2. It was the nicest city I had visited so far in Finland having also seen Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Kuopio. It's pretty, easy to get around and feels like home away from home.
3. Näsinneula, Särkänniemi and Pispala.
4. Jack the Rooster, Aussie bar, O'Connell's and Cafe Europa.


1. My core reason for applying to TAMK is because it was one of two ways that I would be able to move to Finland.  And, from there work towards making the move permanent! It was only by fate that TAMK in 2013 created a program that I was interested in..."the combination of music and media...MAINLY THE MUSIC!" So this year I love learning about music, music business, all the technical things!
2. This is an easy question! I fell in love with Finland as a country and Tampere became my first love when it came to cities. Good culture background, VERY STRONG music scene, not far from other cities (Turku, Helsinki, or Espoo), the majority of my personal friends live in or very near Tampere.
3. This question I really couldn't answer, reason being because much of what I cherish is wrapped around moments spent with my close personal friends. They are the ones that make a place memorable

4. The answer for the previous question for sure fits this question.

Any doubts on why Tampere isn’t the greatest city to study in? We didn’t think so! Apply now!
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All pictures were taken by Carolin Büttner, a 2012 International Media student.