The first Media and Arts Entrance Exams!

The Fine arts exam is starting on the 3rd floor of the Finlayson campus

Last year, our TAMK Media programme was organized into two main study paths for the first time: Interactive media and Music production. This year, our programme expanded with the study path of Fine Art. Also, the name of the programme changed to Media and Arts, and the total annual intake increased from 30 to 48 students. Twenty study places are aimed for the study path Interactive Media, 14 study places for Music production and 14 study places for the study path of Fine Art.

As a result of this transformation, we invited for each study path 144 applicants in total. These applicants had got best points at the pre-tasks, prior to the entrance exams. And last week, these 144 people came to the entrance exams arranged on the 23rd and 24th of April, 2014.
This year, we had about ten first choice applicants per seat (almost 500 in total). This is a good result and tells that our applicants were applying to one the most wanted study places in the whole of TAMK.
Our entrance exam had three parts: An interview to recognize motivation and suitability, a pitch to identify the ability to generate original ideas and promote them, and design assignments to see how creative our applicants are.
Our lecturers are analysing the input over the next few days, and all scores are double checked.
Thank you to the student assistants for organizing practical issues during Exams, and thank you to all the applicants who showed us their your potential and talent!
- Timo Kivikangas
Admissions Results and Confirming Your Student Place
·         TAMK will inform all entrance exam participants of the admission results earliest on 27 May 2014. The national deadline for all UAS and universities for releasing the admissions results is 15 July 2014.
·         48 students will be admitted to the TAMK Media and Arts Programme.
·         Admitted students must confirm in writing whether or not they accept the offered student place by 29 July 2014.
·         The academic year will begin August 12 at 10 AM Finnish time.