Industrial design in TAMK next autumn!

TAMK Finlayson campus is happy to announce in the light of the recent addition to three-dimensional printing capabilities, that the school will merge all current study programmes. This merge will together form the backbone of the new Industrial Design Programme. All film resources currently in AVDB will be auctioned by summer. In Mediapolis we will have a good ground to build a small factory at first for producing student creations.

Defence mechanics prototyping already tried and tested in zero floor

These creations will be supported by major institutions and companies, most notably the already affirmed client NSA. The NSA has placed a small (500 pcs) order of torturing equipment produced with plastic. Their announcer described the deal by saying how important it is these days to give students possibilities to interact with large global firms and also noted how ecological this approach of using plastic actually is. Green values matter to us and to them.

Nuclear warhead core hull structure printed from plastic

The arms industry is growing also in Finland towards the private sector, which gives us new opportunities.
A course will be introduced next year in industrial design, mainly focusing on 3d-printed defence technologies, which has gained popularity among civilians already around the world. To stay on top of our game we must follow the times. See you next autumn!