Perro, a humandog in a bubble

Stop motion animation Perro, a humandog in a bubble, 2014 (by Tea Hono, sound design by Joni Huttunen) was selected to be shown at Pori Art Museum’s spring term screenings as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Finnish animation. A wide selection of contemporary, non-commercial Finnish animations will be screened in four-week sequences in Pori, Finland. The series was selected in co-operation with Satakunta regional artist Taru Anttila.

The film Perro, a humandog in a bubble was also shown as part of TAMK Degree Programme in Fine Art's final year exhibition called Ylin nappi auki / Top button undone in TR1 Kunsthalle, in Tampere during 29.3.–13.4.2014.

Top button undone: