MindTrek Off produced and organised by IMPs, TAMK Media students

Outsight is coming to Mindtrek OFF with their brand new high concept augmented reality game. Be the first to witness the birth of a new entertainment medium @ Iskelmäbaari, Finlayson October 1-2.
Tue/Wed @ 10.00-14.00/15.00-19.00
Outsight event on Facebook 

What is Outsight? from J. J. Aittanen on Vimeo.

What is MindTrek Off?
The Siperia square and Finlayson surrounding will be transformed into an area with interesting digital surprises, art and cultural exhibitions, buzzing interactivity, discounted coffee, virtual reality game experience, Nokia close-up hands on and many other interesting happenings.

That's not all. Expect pop up performances and win some cool prizes at our party! Curious? Sign up at our Facebook Event page for latest updates and further details. We are thrilled to see you there!

What is MindTrek?
MindTrek is the most important digital media and business event in Northern Europe since 1997. MindTrek is conferences, workshops, exhibitions. You will hear, meet and interact with digital media professionals, researchers and students from all ovar the world.

This year's amazing program comes with not only amazing speaker lineups including Steve Wozniak, Alan McKay and Niilo Alfthan, there are also many happenings including Technology Entrepreneurship Days, Academic MindTrek and MindTrek OFF!

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