Visual styles workshop with Chris Hales

Story by Sabrina Seidl
A punch of international students joined the intensive course Visual styles by Christ Hales to learn more about the way of shooting a video and its post production.
The course was a mixture of theory about visual styles, the basics of films and film production but also practical exercises where we had to present different visual styles and produce a video, using different styles and editing it in post production.
The group split up in several smaller groups and decided a theme for the movie they were going to produce. The timeline was quite tight, the equipment and the ideas were interesting even if vague in some cases, but the outcome of all of them was fantastic.
One project was about creating a music video, another one made the topic about post production to its main theme. A third group was experimenting with HDR, some were taking snow and liquids as their main theme, also a pinhole camera has been produced for one of the movie and more.

Here a short introduction of some of the movies produced during the workshop:

Time in motion...
by Povilas Daknys & Lilly Mörz

... fast cutting experimental film of different movement stills. The hectically motion of different objects are accompanied by their sound- which gives u the feeling of hurry or escape. The whole film is shot at the Finlayson Campus.

by Alexandra Ostasheva, Vesa Rantanen, Sabrina Seidl & Markus Turppa

Trisaster it's a video mainly done in post production, which tells a story in three different screens. The first one shows, why you should not be to slow in life, the second one tells why you also shouldn't be to fast and the third screen explains you why.

by Klemen Krulec & Aino Yrjänä

Luonnotar is a mystical woman of nature. She does not like intruders, especially when dose want to harm her nature. Therefore, lightheaded guy faces her wrath when he tries to catch a “forest light”.
About the project: This video vas created in HDR stop-motion animation. Therefore photos used for it have strong range of colors and bring details to live.