Finnish Game Jam 2012, Part 2

Saturday, 28th January

Story and photos: Emma Kiiski

The second day showed that the jammers should get some sleep during the weekend. At least a little bit. There was no real hurry at this time yet. All the programmers’ problems and graphical dificulties look a lot better when you take at least a couple of hours of good sleep in the back of New Factory area, Protomo. It was silent in the night for a few hours that people could sleep on mattresses and sofas.

Frontside Ol -- snake.

The best team photo!
Last and first man.
They know FGJ is awesome!
Testing is necessary for board games, too.

In that place were also recorded some totally cool sound effects! One game needed death shouts and screams, preferably also in other languages. The organizers could join too. Ever wondered how it sounds when Andy shouts in German? Let’s see how this will sound in a game!
Andy and the FGJ Tampere mascot.
Be sure to check out some other videos as well, all from FGJ! Be warned, many of them are hilarious! Click here!
This man approves the videos.
In the evening we got a crazy idea to take a group order from Subway. Collecting all the information (what everyone takes and pays) took a lot longer than expected. We almost didn’t get anything because making the orders took so long! In the end everyone got their late night snacks, phew.
Where's the team?

After being in the center of all this hassle, I have to consider my opinion. Is it really worth it to be organizing the event? It would be so easy to just be a jammer; eat, drink and make games. But then again, after going through all this stress about organizing food for people I can tell how precious these actions are. In the future I will definitely appreciate the organizing team’s work a lot more than I did before.
Info desk!
There was also a reporter from a Finnish magazine, Ilta-Sanomat, to interview Annakaisa Kultima and Suvi Latva about the event. Then the reporter walked around to film the teams. It was a really nice thing for the publicity of the event and the organizers. By the way, the video can be seen in 

here already. Only in Finnish, sorry!

Ustream from other sites.

Organizers need some rest, too!

In the evening of Saturday there's a little bit of hurry. The time is slowly running out! Sunday is near. Will everyone finish their awesome games on time? Stay tuned for the third and final report of Finnish Game Jam in Tampere!

Emma Kiiski is running Score Game Development Community, also a student of our Media Programme.
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