Finnish Game Jam 2012, Part 3

Sunday, 29th January
Story and photos: Emma Kiiski

Final day starting at Tampere.
The last day of FGJ 2012. All the time left was about finishing the game in time and prepare them for the judges. It didn’t take too long that the time finally ran out and the games were uploaded to the GGJ web page.

Quick polishing before the deadline.
The judges, Suvi Latva from ManseGames and Markus Hirsilä from Gamereactor, walked around, listened to the teams’ introductions to their games and asked questions. There were 18 teams in total; I bet it wasn’t easy to pick the winner! All the games were unique and interesting in their own way.
Judges starting their job.
This is what happens when you loose.
An inventive game idea, ARoboros.
Other jammers viewed the games through the stream.

Convincing the judges is a hard job. 

Eat others! Be the largest bacteria!
Suvi really liked this game's graphics.

The winning game in Tampere was the game Guardian of the Living Maze. Description from the team:
Guardian of the Living Maze is a two-player game made for computer and iPad. Player one controls a wizard, who tries to snatch an ancient artifact from the maze's center, while the other player is the Guardian, who tries to stop the wizard by placing traps for him. However the Guardian have to place gifts in order to place traps, and the wizard has to use levers and find a key in the maze to get to the center, while trying to keep himself alive using the gits placed by the Guardian.
The winning team.

Judges will also decide the best game in Finland. This will be announced in the next IGDA meeting in Helsinki.

All the games in Tampere can be found here. Some of the games are either not finished, board games or need special equipment, so all of them aren’t available online to play. Some of them have gameplay video online, so just click on the Youtube icon to see how the game’s are!
This year two board games were made.

The Global Game Jam was finally in many many different countries. This is a nice way you can visualize how large the event actually was.

In the evening some brave people (some of whom hadn’t slept since Saturday) went to Plevna for the after party. It was a really nice experience to spend the last few hours after the whole weekend together with a bunch of nice game developers. It was the perfect way to finish the event and wait for the next year’s jam. I can’t believe it’s all over now.

After party at Plevna.

In conclusion I would say that it is really interesting to participate in making games. But by organizing you can also see everything close and feel the atmosphere of enthusiastic game development around you. I’m glad I got to the organizing group this year instead of making games like last year. It was an awesome experience! Let’s see what happens next year.
The person behind the stories and camera :)

I would like to thank especially Annakaisa Kultima for being the main organizer and coordinator! All in all, great job, everyone! See you all next year!

Emma Kiiski is running Score Game Development Community, also a student of our Media Programme.
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