Side by Side - Art Photography book by Mirja Paljakka

Side by Side is the final thesis work by Mirja Paljakka, one of the students of our specialisation studies in Art Photography. The author says:

My photographs are inspired by 4 seasons, nature, flowers and ice formations.
Focusing on small close-up details of the world around me, my photographs appear semi-abstract, emphasising colour, shape and texture. My choice of natural elements such as water droplets, the veins of leaves, snow and ice formations, and sometimes man-made materials, is transformed by light and shade into suggestions of the microcosmic world of cells in the body or of surgical procedures.

My three close friends suffered from severe illnesses and these photographs were born of my agony. I hope these sense and emotions can be found through my photographs. Some are suggestive of the dark emotions surrounding illness, while the vivid colours of others allude to diseased tissue, medicine and even the signs of hope for recovery.

Mirja Paljakka
Side by Side, the book