5D3 - the third summer game development project

Are you ready to play?

The basic concept of 5D Summer Game Development Project is that there’s a group of students (before there have been 5 students in the group) who will create 5 games in 5 weeks from scratch. We're continuing a tradition from two previous projects: 5D and 5D2. It’s all about learning to make games, not about the games we make although they are of course lots of fun.

This summer the 5D project is more like 3D because only 3 of us are lounging in the Score lab at school every day. That hasn’t slowed us down, though! We already have 2 games rolling, check them out on our blog. Don’t expect finished 3D games though, we’re a bunch of noobs doing 2D with Flash, but we’re really proud of what we’ve done!
Kaisu, Johanna, Emma

The 5D3 project is exceptional because we have two graphic artists and only one programmer.. and she has no prior experience! But we’ve made it. She has done a really good job learning Actionscript as we go along. Our artists have also developed their personal styles and learned new skills on the computer. Also our project handling skills have gotten better already.

You can play our first two games and read about our thoughts on our blog.The first game is called Platypus Bounce, a game of a platypus jumping around trying to catch bugs. It’s a really sweet one. The next one is less sweet though ended up quite candy coloured. It’s a point and click shooting game with an accompanying animation of how the main character (the player) ended up in the forest shooting creepy little animals with a shotgun. It’s called Shroomsday.

This week we’re all about dragons and next week maybe pirates? Stay tuned and follow our blog!

5D3 members:
Kaisu Laine, all hail the programmer
Johanna Lievemaa, artist, tutor
Emma Kiiski, artist, project manager
Juho Korhonen, weekend sound guy