Memento Mori [Latin, = remember you must die]

Sari Tervaniemi: Memento Mori
Gallery Alkovi

Helsinginkatu 19
Gallery Alkovi is located in Helsinki at Kallio district as a window gallery.

Sari Tervaniemi’s photography series Memento Mori currently installed at Alkovi gallery deals with unsafety in traffic. Aggressive drivers remind pedestrians daily of human mortality.

  • According to Helsinki City planning department there was 562 accidents leading to bodily injuries in 2008.
  • From previous year accidents with bodily injuries increased by 7 %.Traffic decreased in the same period about 2 %.
  • After year 2006 there has been a increase in bodily injuries. In the year 2008 according to preliminary records 343 people died in traffic.

Sari Tervaniemi is lecturer at the School of Art and Media Degree Programme in Fine Arts.

Alkovi Gallery