IMPs Study also Languages

The students of the international Degree Programme, the IMPs, have courses like Visual Design, Animation and Multimedia, Web Design, Programming and Print Design. But this is not all, they also study media culture and languages.

The non-finnish students have a course in Finnish language taught by Marja-Sisko Oksanen. Learning Finnish seems to be amusing and fun, I learned visiting a class.

Our exchange students have a course called Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture, but some exchange students are ambitious enough to join the more demanding course in Finnish with the Degree Programme students.

Here are some photos of IMPs and exchange students presenting their countries - in Finnish!

GuanJun Liu, Media Programme Student from People's Republic of China, demonstrated how big China is and of course introduced Chinese cuisine

Jaume Sala, exchange student from Vic University close to Barcelona, revealed the secrets of Spain and Catalonia

Amir Abdi, the Media Programme student from Iran, told us also about the Persian cat.

Erin Lewis, exchange student from OCAD, Toronto, presented Canadian architecture

Danko Pantovic, the Media Programme student from Serbia, made the audience familiar with Serbian Climate, among other things

IMPs are students of the Degree Programme in Media of TAMK School of Art and Media (Interactive/International Media Programme)
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