IMPs design logos for the 2014 European Karate Championships

This year's IMPs had their first dip in the professional pool these last few weeks when we were asked to design a logo for the 2014 European Karate Championships that will take place right here in our lovely Tampere.

The championships are organized by the Finnish Karate Federation in colaboration with the European Karate Federation and there are more than 600 competitors from 50 countries attending. The games will also be broadcasted in more than 30 countries.

The logo competition in which IMPs participated had to deliver a well-designed, catchy and for multiple purposes logo.

The IMPs did not disappoint, of course, as the entries featured a great array of styles, ideas and interpretations of the championships and karate in general. The logos range from more simple and minimalistic ones to really fancy and colorful ones. Still and animated, as well.

The feedback has been very positive and if our visual design tutor's inability to find the words which express just how well it went is any indication, the 09IMPs can feel very proud of work well done!

The winner was recently announced to us so congratulations to Danko Pantovic for designing an awesome logo!

IMPs are students of the Degree Programme in Media of TAMK School of Art and Media (Interactive/International Media Programme)
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