Welcome to Tampere Art Factory

Tampere Art Factory opened this morning and runs until tomorrow evening. Most exhibitions, films, performances, animations, videos, music videos etc. etc. are experienced at TAMK School of Art and Media Campus at Finlayson, the heart of Tampere.
Fine Art student's graduate show Discourse Disco is in two locations nearby, the Art Centre Mältinranta and the TR1 exhibition Centre.

The Silence is Golden Workshop you find at the top floor of our school. It is run by Bauhaus University Weimar. All visitors get their personal piece of art.
In the TAF lobby you can be a part of the Interactive VJ Workshop Nou & Herkauw, arranged by the Academy of Pop Culture, Holland (in the background). Here you can also enjoy videos, animations and music videos, and take a coffee break.

A group of international visitors at our rooftop garden. Our international week and TAF has international guests from 15 countries; Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, the UK, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Malaysia and Italy.

Demola presents games and other interactive projects made by our students.

TAF is open 10-16 today, 10-18 tomorrow. TAF Clubs both evenings at Laterna.