Find the Animal - Win a Two-Day Ticket to MindTrek

MindTrek is the most important annual digital media award, conference and festival in Nordic countries. It has been arranged since 1997, when cd-roms where the multimedia platform and webmedia young and innocent.

We are happy to announce the MindTrek Conference 2009 will be arranged October 1-2 with the pre-conference workshop day September 30. Last year MindTrek Conference had 900 participants from 30 countries.

You can ensure your free seat at the conference by proposing the best theme animal of the conference:

"MindTrek will have a theme animal of the year, and you can be the one that suggests the perfect animal to us. What animal represents MindTrek best and why? Last time it was the geese. We somehow felt they represented well what was going on in the world of the internet and social media. What animal would do that job this year? The person who has the best idea will win a two day conference ticket to the MindTrek 2009 Conference. Fire away! Send your suggestions to info (at)"

TAMK School of Art and Media has been one of the key organisers of MindTrek from the very beginning.


Photo: MindTrek Conference 2008 flyer with the MindTrek 2008 animal