Dreamjobs for Students at Demola Innosummer

You will work for a real company as part of a project team. You will develop something that you have always wanted to:

a new UI for a computer game, machinima, or storytelling in Mixed Reality.

You will get paid for the job and learn something totally new. R&D specialists from the enabling companies will guide your work.

Act now! Application deadline is 15.4.2009.

There are numerous projects available in Demola Innosummer. See the listing below and choose 1 to 3 project topics that interest you. You are the person we need for the project if:

a) You are interested in the topic and have good, innovative ideas for it
b) You have skills and interest related to one or more project goals

The point is: You do not have to know about all the topics or goals listed under the project. The teams will be multidisciplinary, composed of people with different kinds of skills. The company that has set the project will provide the technological know how.

1. Play a game hands-free - A thought- controlled UI
2. New ways for mobile video recording, editing and event casting
3. Share your audiovisual experiences
4. A new, digital dimension to Guided Tours for tourists
5. Get a mobile connection to your virtual community
6. Machinima – storytelling in mixed reality; game, theatre, movie
7. 3D landscape as a mobile phone UI
8. Gesture controlled 3D characters in a computer game

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