Erich Wascher from Furtwangen University

Director of Centre for Languages and Culture of Furtwangen University, Erich Wascher visited TAMK last week. On Thursday evening he joined the School of Art and Media Film Festival Party and on Friday he paid a visit to the School itself.

Furtwangen University is in the Black Forest in southern Germany. Their Computer Science in Media course, introduced 1990, was the very first of its kind in Europe.

The TAMK School of Art and Media and the Digital Media Faculty of Furtwangen University have been partners since 1994. Furtwangen students have been a vital part of our Interactive Media Programme for exchange students.

Furtwangen University
The Digital Media Faculty

Photo: Erich Wascher at the roof top garden of the School of Art and Media with Senior Lecturer Eeva Piirainen from TAMK Centre of Expertise of International Cooperation and Languages.