Three Good Reasons to Study in Tampere

The BA Degree Programme in Media is about interactive media content design and production. The students learn about current digital media issues and gain deep insight into one of the three specialisation options: visual design, interaction design or project management.

The areas of application include web design and services, games, mobile media, multimedia, cross media and interactive installations.

The Environmental Engineering programme
provides training and education on a wide range of issues in environmental technology and management. Special emphasis is given to monitoring and assessing the state of the environment.

The programme is designed to provide advanced training and education in environmental analysis and management, thus offering the student the skills and knowledge needed for a holistic and sustainable understanding of environmental technology and management.

The TAMK BBA in International Business offers an internationally respected Bachelor degree. The programme provides students not only with first-rate theoretical skills, but also with flexible problem-solving and social skills in a truly international environment.

The objective is to prepare under-graduates for tasks demanding business expertise and entry-level managerial positions worldwide. Graduates from the TAMK BBA programme face exciting professional opportunities e.g. as sales, product and marketing assistants, as logistics coordinators or as consultants or entrepreneurs.

Environmental Engineering
International Business