Pekko Does James Bond and Harry Potter in London

"i did this..or part of it..well, some seconds" is the caption of the photo you see on right side. I copied it from Pekko's photo album at Facebook. Pekko is proud of his contribution to the latest James Bond movie.

Timo-Pekko Nieminen started as a sound design student at Tampere School of Art and Media 15 years ago. He was stunned by the visual effects of film like Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park. Soon he was seen more and more in the company of media art and multimedia students, won after a while awards at the Assembly Festival, and ended up as the visual effects lecturer at our school after graduating.

Later he moved to Helsinki, did visual effects in his company, commercials and other stuff. The biggest project was Jade Warrior, the first Finnish Kung-Fu film. But Pekko's dream was to go out in the Big World to work with the really gigantic movie projects.

Now he has been one year and a half in London, Technical Director at Double Negative Visual Effects. He is specialised in fogs, explosions and flames, he enjoys his work and life in London very much.

But he has not forgot his old school. Every autumn he gives a one week workshop in visual effects for our exchange students participating in the Interactive Media Programme, like he did already while staying in Finland.

You can see a sample of what our international students learned during that week, following the link to Glenn Veugen's work.

Timo Pekko Nieminen's filmography
Jade Warrior
double negative visual effects

Course work by Glenn Veugen