TAMK’s Fine Art Degree show ‘Hot Futures’ is soon out!

We have class meetings once a week to coordinate, follow up on budget plans, divide tasks and plan the layout of the exhibition. 

It is that time of the year when things start heating up. And not just the weather.

The class of 2014 from the Fine Art path are blazing a trail as they leave TAMK and enter the art scene/world.

Every student has been putting their projects together during their final year. It is time to display the assorted collection of works. Our topics range from endangered species to cultural challenges; our techniques from paintings to virtual reality; our moods from heavy to light; and our tones from melancholic to ironic.

The exhibition will last until the 9th of May and the opening will be on the 19th of April, in the Himmelblau Gallery at 17:00. Everyone is warmly welcome to join!

Follow our website for regular updates and a closer look at each artist and their works: www.hotfutures2018.com

Text & photos: Alexandra Mitiku 2018

The before picture. some of the empty space we will be building our exhibition in.