Art goes virtual reality

A screenshot from the virtual space.

Virtual Gallery is a virtual experience designed for VR headsets and will be shown during the exhibition HOT FUTURES in Himmelblau Gallery which you can read more about in the previous post. It presents artworks of graduating students and lets users examine, interact and experiment with art in a virtual space. The Virtual Gallery will also be available during the International week at Mediapolis campus between April 24th to April 27th.
The gallery is a part of TAMK’s Smart Art project and started as an opportunity to show young artists and their artworks to a wider audience. Students from different study paths combined their knowledge to include not only art but, music and sound design for the different environments to create the best possible result.

Virtual Gallery is a way for traditional art to exist and develop in new media formats such as VR. It gives the chance to immerse yourself in a different world and experience the works, perhaps in a different way. Inside the gallery you can interact with a variety of elements, you can grab and use items to find your way to the different concepts.

The gallery was developed in Unity game engine, using Virtual Reality Toolkit (VRTK) as thee framework to build the experience. The gallery consists of a hub scene and twelve more spaces each dedicated to a different artist. Each artist scene has been personalized according to their requirements to offer unique and distinctive experiences.

We hope to see you in both events as there is much to see and learn. As the technology evolves so must we and TAMK’s students have worked hard to bring you the chance to experience this amazing opportunity. Here are the links to the events so you can check out more information about them or read the previous blog posts for summaries.


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