From up and down the Tree mountain to Up and Under - A trip to the Strata landworks in Pinsiö

As part of the Introduction to Applied Fine Art course with Fanni Niemi-Junkola, first-year students from the Fine Art study path of the Media and Arts programme visited the land artworks in Pinsiö. These works are part of the Strata landworks.

Tree Mountain is a site-specific artwork designed by Agnes Denes. It is a steep gravel hill and there are about 10,600 pine trees in the artwork. Climbing to the top takes 2-3 minutes. At the pinnacle, there is space for about seven people to stand comfortably. The huge amount of snow added to the overall magical atmosphere of the work.

Up and Under by Nancy Holt involves concrete tunnels and connected earthworks that can be climbed on. One can go inside (under), or climb on top (up), and thus the title. The snow added an extra layer of interactivity and also highlighted the inside/outside areas of the piece.