Communal Art In Action - Art workshops in Me-talo

Me-talo (in English “we-house”) is collaboration project between Me-säätiö (“We-foundation”) and the city of Tampere. Me-talo is created to bring people together to learn new skills and just to have quality time together. The goal of me-talo is to create communality and promote well-being. Peltolammi school started to have workshops and events 28th of October 2017.

TAMK´s students of communal-based art course held three workshops in Peltolammi during  the fall. Events were free for everyone to join, but they were especially created for children. Themes for the workshops were communal painting, costume/photography workshop and gingerbread workshop.

The children told us stories about how they spend their Christmas and what they hope to get from Santa Claus. There are plenty of toys that I had never heard of! Even I got excited (again) about legos, while listening to their stories!

In the communal painting workshop, the children could freely create one big painting together. The theme was “creatures”. Many of these creatures got their own names and background stories. Together they created their own funny world, in which they were friends and “visited” each other.  

In the costume workshop the children could dress up in different costumes and take photographs of their outfits. Our students got excited about this workshop too, and didn´t remain just workshop tutors, as you can see in the pictures.

The gingerbread workshop was especially Christmassy. Children had to learn to be patient with gingerbreads, because they break easily. One should not just smash candy through the roof (note to self, too). The c
hildren seemed to have fun and they enjoyed the creative work. The end results were also delightful!    

Text: Anniina Pasanen 2017
Images: Anniina Pasanen, Julia Matinniemi, Sari Tervaniemi