Media Work Methods

First year interactive media students were tasked to concept an idea based on “24 hours in Tampere.” The idea was to inform potential students who aim to study here in Tampere, on what do in Tampere for 24 hours. The students focused on benchmarking, interviews and concepting to come up with their ideas in groups. The blog post should contain informative text related to the chosen topic, as well as pictures and a user created map. I was impressed most with the maps which the students had created as they stood out the most. It was clear a lot of time and effort was put into them. They then presented their ideas in a presentation which was presented in front of the class. Included are extracts of each blog.

5 groups were formed, choosing from a range of topics which were:
• Tampere on a budget
• Culture and arts
• Nature of Tampere
• Tampere in a day
• 24h in Tampere - Music

By: Venla, Annika, Eetu and Veera

This was an interesting blog which gave out a wide variety of information to the reader on what to do in Tampere. They gave you price ranges on food, cafes, sights, museums, shopping, nightlife and hotels. The collective information is well spread out and easy for the reader to locate specific information. Here is a sample of the blog post as well as the map they have designed.


Tampere - a City of Possibilities

So, you’re interested in studying at Tampere. Maybe you’ve even applied already. Either way, great choice! It’s one of the best cities for studying in Finland.

You might find that it’s a good idea to visit Tampere before you move in, just so you can get a little taste of the city. Although Finland is a notoriously expensive country, a visit to Tampere doesn’t have to break the bank.

"It’s a good idea to visit Tampere before you move in."

The city centre is quite small, so you can see and do many things in a short time span. It’s relatively easy to walk between the main sights within 24 hours!

Follow the prices at the end of each segment:

1 coin: 0-5e
2 coins: 5-10e
3 coins: 10e and above

As we all know, food is an important thing to consider when travelling. Tampere is a great place to experience all sorts of cuisine, even on a budget.


If you want to experience what a typical university student lunch is like, 1. Restaurant Ziberia KOTO is a great choice. They offer the same food that’s served in pretty much all of the university restaurants around Tampere, for the same price. It’s very affordable, especially if you already have a student card handy!

A great place to have some hamburgers is 2. Zarillo. If you already have a student card, they offer burgers for just 7€. On burger tuesdays they offer the same classic burger meals for only 6€, regardless whether or not you have a student card. Be prepared to wait a bit though, they’re very popular.


By: Mauri, Anna, Sini, Roni

This blog focused more on the culture side of Tampere and where to go. This blog was quite linear and was very easy to follow. The blog follows an actual 24-hour day in Tampere which ranges from museums and restaurants, specifically Finnish foods. The art work stands out most in this blog. They created an interesting map to go along with the information which works well with the style. Here is an extract from their blog.

Welcome to Tampere!

If you have never been to Tampere before or if you just want to have fun and learn more about the city’s culture, this is the tour for you. We have planned a 24 hour city tour that will make you fall in love with Tampere. You will get to visit eight locations at your own pace - and don’t worry, the last one is for sleeping. Ready? Let’s go!

Moomin museum

You can find the next location at Tampere Hall. At the Moomin museum you can learn who the Moomins are and why all Finns love them so much. There are different exhibitions and a free tour in English you can attend on Sundays. You can enter the museum for free on the last Friday of every month. Other days it’s about 12€.

Museum address: Yliopistonkatu 55

Museum link:

By: Anthony, Iida, Isabel, Teemo, and Gleb

The beautiful nature of Finland is a topic which comes up a lot when discussing this country. The blog focuses on what to see here in Tampere based on a nature outlook. The blog presents two different routes, one for biking and one for walking (although other means of transport is included.) The map has been thoroughly thought out for the reader with the graphics and cheeky little mascot. Here is an extract of the blog.

Nature is one of the best parts of the city of Tampere. Many people consider the landscapes breathtaking and if this is the first time you are visiting this city, it’s easy to notice why. The size of the city allows room for there to be plenty of nature, while still having the conveniences of a larger city. One can find many great parks, beaches, trails, and places meant specifically for viewing the beautiful nature Tampere has to offer. It’s also not uncommon to see rabbits, squirrels, and ducks in just about any part of this city, along with many other animals.

This trail is mainly focused around the center of Tampere. Since each area has much more to see or even something you can do, we suggest you continue to explore those areas that you enjoy. There are many areas that one can visit more than once and still find great things about them, especially if you visit during different seasons.

Here is another great place that seems to stand out to people that have visited most of these areas.

Sorsapuisto (Duck park)

Sorsapuisto is one of the most fun places to visit. Located close to the heart of the city, Sorsapuisto is filled with little ducks swimming in the pond. During the warmer seasons Sorsapuisto also has adorable chickens that you can go look at!

By: Sampo, Nikolai, Pauliina and Olesya

The Tampere in a day blog does exactly what it says in the title, with the inclusion of a guide to the Mediapolis campus itself. The team wanted to include a route to the campus with the guidance on how to take the bus, as well as getting a bus card. Included is some history about our field as well as several handy embed google maps. Included is an extract from their blog.

Mediapolis facilities are located about 6 km to the west of the city center, which can be a little confusing for new students, since all other university facilities are located at the eastern side of Tampere. However, once you know the way it is fairly easy to reach it with the local bus, which takes you right to the front of the building (lanes 8 & 17). There is also plenty of parking space for car and bike owners. You can expect to work and study in close relationship with the companies operating under the same roof and establish important contacts.

Now it’s time to go sightseeing!

In Tampere, there are a lot of things to see. You will notice beautiful and versatile architecture starting from old churches ending with the working factories right in the city center. You won’t be bored with same looking streets, so we encourage you to walk around and use our interactive map to check which sights are nearby.

Tampere has a lot to offer, such as museums, for instance “Vapriikki”, where one ticket will buy you entrance to a lot of different exhibitions. There are also some great parks, including “Koskipuisto” and “Näsinpuisto”, so make sure you walk through them whilst you explore the area.

By: Julia R, Katri, Julia L, Vivi

This blog focuses on the music aspect of the city whilst incorporating a schedule on what to do throughout the day. This blog appeals to potential new students who are interested in the cultural side of Tampere in terms of music, gigs and cultural events. Also included are bars and cafés for the visitors. The map is very graphical and interesting to look at. Here is an extract from the blog.

Tampere is located between two lakes, and the nature in this town is more than gorgeous. The city is also a birthplace of finnish industrialism: Finland’s first electric light was lit here and Nokia company was also found in this region.

The reason why we media & culture students love this city, is because it offers such a wide variety of culture as well. We want you to know all the best venues for good music, gigs and culture events, and of course the best places for chilling after a good night out.

We have planned a loose schedule which you can follow when visiting Tampere, of course focusing on places that music enthusiasts would love! All the venues mentioned here can be found on the map.

Here is what you should see & do in Tampere!

In the evenings Tampere has many places where you can have a great time in a unique surroundings. Paappa music pub is a legendary jazz pub and only venue in Tampere where you can listen to live music every evening. In the summertime there is also a lively terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine.

For Rock ‘n Roll people, Jack the Rooster is the place to go and for underground lovers, O'haras Pub is the best venue to enjoy the evening.

Paappa music Pub: Koskikatu 9

Jack the Rooster: Satakunnankatu 13