Fine art students´ video works in Slovenia: SPECULUM ARTIUM 2017 - ART AND SCIENCE TO EMPOWER

Video works of TAMK´s first year fine art students took part in Speculum Artium / DigitalBigScreen- video festival in Slovenia 14.-16.9.  - Barbara Jazbec´s video Mind´s eye won the 2. prize!

Speculum Artium is one of the biggest art and science festivals in Slovenia. The 9th festival is held in Delavski Dom Trbovlje which is the central cultural institution in the municipality of Trbovlje, Slovenia.  Inside Speculum Artium there is an International video festival called DIGITALBIGSCREEN. The DigitalBigScreen festival enables video screening on a big, cinematographic screen, offering a completely different context to the usual ones at projections of artistic videos (room projectors, TV-screens).
Thirty-five authors from around the globe responded to the international call by sending in 42 video works. The expert board consisting of Marko Glavač M.F.A., Zoran Poznič M.F.A., Andrej Uduč and Špela Pavli M.A., have chosen seventeen authors who had qualified into the competitive selection. 

The video works from TAMK were created during the courses of Moving Image study module.

Barbara Jazbec, Mind´s eye