Get ready for INTAC - International Art Collaborations Course

Intac was born in 2010 as a tandem project between two schools, TAMK University of Applied Sciences and OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.
The core idea was that students from the two universities would ideate and realize art projects working together, using skype and other social media to communicate, and at the end they would organize a joint art exhibition.

Five years passed by, and Intac is stronger than ever. Six universities are taking part in the project right now(TAMK, OCAD in Canada, Chung-Ang University in Seoul, Osaka University of Arts in Japan, BTK from Berlin and NID from India)and for the first year this year, the international students from the new Fine Arts study path are taking part in the project.

Intac is a non conventional course. You might find yourself working late in the night as there might be seven time zones in between you and the person working on the same project.
Even lessons have  to be scheduled according to other partners availability, as we're dealing with the full extension of time zone, from extreme west to east(and I might add we and the guys at BTK are the lucky ones, as we all live roundabout in the middle).

It was pretty exciting to meet all the other people from the other universities! Here you can see our first contact with the students from Canada:

So, basically Intac has a blog on tumblr ( ) which is where most of the action happens. Every participant publishes a presentation at the beginning of the year, and then a Project Proposal. Every participant has to take part in three different projects, so everyone needs to contact and work with people from different countries. Before the exhibition all the works will go through the screening and evaluation of the teachers. 

This year the exhibition is going to be in Berlin, in Bethanien Gallery( and we'll be there the 1st and 2nd December to set it up, and we'll have our opening on December, 3rd, 2015.

Another important feature of the Intac course is that we're self funded. While in December the exhibition is going to be in Berlin, which is a pretty cheap destination from Finland, next year it might be in Canada, or India, and of course being art students we really can't afford flying all over with our own money; for this reason we have to take commissions and work to get the Intac course going on. 
Right now, we're working for Technopolis(who own the Mediapolis premises, where our school is located); we're planning a 16 meters high artwork which will be used in one of Technopolises main business building, Yliopistonrinne in Tampere. The building offers high class facilities for few very known companies in Tampere. We had few meetings with Mediapolises manager Saara Eskola , the architects who have been planning the building and we even went to visit the printing shop where the final artwork will be printed!

This is Intac, and we'll keep you updated as soon as events are happening! 

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