14 Art Media takes over Rajatila for a while

5 days and 1 empty gallery. This is what we were given to realize our projects for the course ‘Art and Environment Workshop’. I had never worked in a gallery before, so it was a wonderfully new experience. It was a different atmosphere to create something – a recycled space that had seen many different artistic settings. Although it cut into our autumn holidays and we couldn’t be physically present during all of the days, we managed to put together a unique exhibition-type event in Rajatila.

Creating the title for our event was a bit tricky, since we were not sharing a common theme. After an hour of brainstorming, cookies and playing word games, it came down to ‘Fleeting Space’. Lavinia took the photo for the flyer, instructing us to walk around aimlessly and throw the pillows around. It felt silly, but we got the image we wanted!

During the event itself, we presented our works-in-progress and the audience was welcomed to give suggestions and feedback. Our event had a handful of guests, besides our class, and it was interesting to hear their opinions of our pieces.

Jade Vesto created a magazine consisting of photos from her film camera and poetry that she had written, exposing her vulnerabilities and nostalgic moments with her friends. Her written pieces were all in caption and punctuations were left out, giving the viewer a unique reading experience.

Lorenco Soares here is explaining about his installation, a video of leaves falling to a composed rhythm. The piece is meant to be viewed from outside, giving us an insight on nature in different space - and goosebumps for those who went to see the video without a jacket..

Annina Pasanen presented a political, yet playful, painting of a bear having a victory tea party after the defeat of humans.

Konsta Koivisto had a vision to create his own fashion brand made solely from recycled fabrics. His long term plan was to sell his company and use the money to buy a forest. Here he is showing some of his designs..which were pretty impressive considering he had never sewn before!

If you are interested in more about what our class is up to, look us up on one of these social media channels:

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By Alexandra Mitiku