Of the Making of the "Moon Dust" music video

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At the beginning of March, I started a small project by myself, creating a Music video for Petri Kiviniemi, in art Moon Dust. The idea was to create some visuals that would translate his track “Believe” into art, without being overboard with effects but still keeping the mood of the song.

It was great how we ended up collaborating! Petri is working in our school everyday and I usually study/work in same room as he does. One day we commented each other’s works (his music and my animations) and we thought it would be nice idea to put them together.

TAMK gives great opportunity of networking and meet people who has different skills. Collaboration in projects has been a great tool of learning for me and I think that’s what TAMK should be proud of, because it gives the chance to work with different people, from music field to animation.

This was my third Music video in a year but first ever by myself!
I was pretty scared of the result, but I was motivated to learn new things.
At first I started sketching some ideas and storyboarding. The next step was to model in 3D the symbol of Moon Dust (a skull with ears).
Work in progress of modelling the skull

After the model was ready, I worked in After Effects with Trapcode plug-ins.
What I did was to use the OBJ model of my skull and create the particles around it using Form. I matched the movement to the beat with Soundkey and some expressions.
For the rocks I used Trapcode Mir, Particular and Shine. For the glitch effect I used displacement map.

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At the end of March the Music Video was ready to be published!
The Music video has been accepted to Student Art Festival [STARTFEST] - Florida - USA, a film festival where students compete against their peers and receive valuable feedback on their work from leading industry professionals.

Here you can watch the Music video:
Enjoy ^__^

Text & images by Sindy Giraldo Saldarriaga (Sindy Sindavsp), 
Degree Programme in Media