Helsinki trip for the Visual design minor, 8.5.2015

What are these people looking at so intensely?

The Visual design minor students from TAMK Media were on the yearly visit to Helsinki. It was supposed to be a warm day, but a chilly wind blew from the sea, and it was mostly raining. But the places we went to were still interesting.

First, we visited Fjord's Helsinki office in the city centre, and heard fascinating facts about service design. After Fjord, the group split up: one half went with Simona Vitalini to visit Brink Helsinki, while the rest took off to Töölö with Tuomo Joronen and Carita Forsgren, in order to go to the animation company Gigglebug. And that's where the image above was taken: everyone sits engrossed, watching one of the new season's animatics.
Did you know that one of the fathers of Gigglebug (the character and the company) is Joonas Utti, who graduated from TAMK Media not long ago?

After Gigglebug and Brink, we all met again in the old Maria hospital, at the company Muotohiomo, whose managing director Pekka Toivanen gave us an inspiring overview of service design and design management. Afterwards, there was conveniently two hours before the bus left back to Tampere - just enough time to visit the Robert Mapplethorp retrospective exhibition in Kiasma and buy some coffee and tea for the road.