Tips and Tricks for a successful Pre-Task

The Pre-Task is the first step in your application and the most challenging one. Also for us the Pre-Task has been really, really exciting! But there is no need to panic if you don’t have an awesome idea right away!
Some of our students will provide you here with some useful tips and tricks for the Pre-Task.

Remember when you applied for TAMK! How did you get prepared for the application?
“I prepared for the application by relaxing and consuming culture from different sources. Opening your mind in whatever way works best for you is, in my opinion, really the best way to prepare, since the task of applying is going to ask for both effort and creativity.”
– Markku, Interactive Media student since 2012

“I started preparing for the task a lot of time in advance, because I wanted to make the Pre-Task perfect. I got inspired by different webpages, movies, books, comics, whatever, and then brought all that inspiration together for an amazing results (at least in my opinion hehe). They key is to be in the right mindset and staying focused.”
– Noora, Interactive Media student since 2011

Which tips could you give new applicants while they are working on the pre-task?

“I have grasped that interesting ideas are more important that technical skills. Enthusiasm is also a plus, they are looking for people who are interested in learning new and improving their skills.”
- Krista, Interactive Media Student since 2012

“Make sure you've understood the task correctly, then try your best to do a decent job!”
- Lukas, Interactive Media Student since 2011

The pre-tasks mostly also include a portfolio! What would you suggest to applicants to put in the portfolio?

Create the portfolio from works that you 1. enjoyed making 2. are proud of 3. got good feedback from others
– Markku, Interactive Media student since 2012

Find the Pre-Tasks from here: Pre-Task Interactive Media Pre-Task Music Production Pre-Task Fine Arts Good luck and hopefully see you in TAMK! Find here another important links for the application: TAMK Art & Media Programme