Personal Application Story

“When I applied to TAMK, I took the Pre-Task very seriously. I planned it for numerous amount of days and talked with my friends and family on how I should execute it and what their thoughts on the overall product was. Their opinions were more valuable than gold, and even though I got some harsh feedback (“Why are you using green as a colour and not red” or “That font looks stupid”), it gave a whole new perspective to what I was actually doing.
Sometimes you can get stuck to a certain idea, and might think it is great, but remember to ask around! This way you can get new opinions, fresh point of views and a different approach to the whole execution. If something isn’t working, move on and try it differently.
I remember submitting the Pre-Task and feeling that I have sincerely done all I could. I was proud of what I had achieved and knew deep down that I would get an invitation to the entrance exam. If you feel the same way, you’ll get it too!”
-Noora, Interactive Media student since 2011

When applying, remember to include these documents in the application process:
  • Pre-Task
  • Photocopy of the original secondary school certificate
  • Photocopy of official English, Finnish or Swedish translation of the certificate, if the original certificate is not written in one of these languages. The translation must be done by authorised translator and it must have authorised translator's signature and stamp
  • Proof of English language skills
More information and details on how to get the appropriate certificates and language skill proofs can be found here.

Find the Pre-Tasks from here:

Interactive Media
Music Production
Fine Arts

Apply through 7.1.-27.1.2015!