MindTrek 2014

MindTrek is slowly (or quickly, depending on how much fun you're having) getting to its end, now.
Ted Selker from MIT Media Lab starts his keynote on New Technology Business Creation.

Earlier, many of our students participated in the workshop by Lance Weiler, on interactive & participatory storytelling. There were many fun moments there, when we shaped crime stories based on Weiler's new project called Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things.

Lance Weiler's workshop

Lance Weiler's workshop

Also Philip David Harvey's workshop on Data Landscaping made us think about data acquisition in new ways, and Jonathan MacDonald's keynote speech on why established companies often fail to see changes happening around them got both positive and critical comments.

The new Hotel Torni is a really nice location for MindTrek, with its spacious yet not daunting conference halls.

I couldn't take part in the MindTrek party on Tuesday evening, but I did hear it had been very good.
But now I should really concentrate and listen to Selker's keynote!

- Carita Forsgren 2014