Animation & Visual Design Workshop

Animation & Visual Design Workshop is a Media and Arts evening course, started on 10th September and will be continued until 19th December.

We explore the visual world with different themes in this course. The course is separated into two parts. The first part of the course was 3D, Blender, classes held by Tuomo Joronen. It was a great opportunity to experience Blender once again. Tuomo provided walk through of using the nodes, sequence editor for combining and editing different scenes and adding sound to renders, etc. 

And now Carita Forsgren took the lead and the topic has changed from creating blender animation to the animation connecting. 

30sec gesture drawings

The topic of the last class was gesture drawing. We drew our hands, other random objects we chose to draw without looking at the paper and it was very challenging as you can imagine. We also had 30 seconds quick gesture drawing challenges. Carita and each student took turns and posed for others. 

Now I need to go, do the task! Bye!