First-year Media and Arts students' orientation starts on Tuesday 12th of August 2014 at 10!

It's almost the middle of August. On Tuesday the 12th, all the brand-new first year media and arts students will arrive at our Finlayson campus, where we're still for a few short months. Next year at this time of the year, we will be gathering at the Mediapolis campus in Tohloppi. Things will change a lot in the next six months, for the better, one hopes.
Here is some official information about the orientation that can be found from the TAMK webpages, which are not very intuitively built, which is the reason that the info is here too:
Orientation & checking of original documents

The Media and Arts Orientation Days will take place from Tuesday to Friday 12.-15. August 2014 on Finlayson Campus (address: Finlaysoninkatu 7, 33210 Tampere)
You can find the preliminary Orientation Days Programme on the new students’ web page. ( ) It will be updated in early August.  
All new students must take part in the Orientation.
Please bring with you to the orientation:
--1 passport photo
--original education certificates
The originals of the education documents (i.e. high school diploma and transcript, vocational training diploma and transcript) will be checked at the beginning of the academic year.  
Your study place is official only after we have approved all your original documents! 
And here is Tuesday's 1st-year student schedule in more detail: 


10:00 - 12:00     Welcome to Media and Arts degree programme, Ada
      • Head of Programme Timo Kivikangas
      • Lecturers and other personnel introduce themselves
      • Teacher tutors Antti Haapio, Ari Närhi, Janne Tauriainen
      • Study Counsellor Kirsi-Marja Uimonen
      • Study Secretary Päivi Sohlman-Lukin
      • Student tutors
        • IntMedia (Ari Närhi): Chrystal Giam, Sanna-Kaisa Lamminpää
        • MusMedia (Janne Tauriainen): Karri-Kasperi Mikkonen, Anna Lavrukhina
        • Fine Art (Antti Haapio): Sami Lindfors, Anastasia Kozina
    How everything works, part 1, Ada
Head of Programme Timo Kivikangas
(teacher tutors FineArt / Antti Haapio, IntMedia / Ari Närhi, MusMedia / Janne Tauriainen)
Info package on studies, student tutors
Access cards from info, User names & Passwords, Lunch cards, Certificates of Study, VR and Matkahuolto certificates, TKL certificates and other practical issues

12:00 - 13:00    Lunch at Dot with tutors

13:00 - 13:30    How everything works, part 2, cafe
Student clubs introduce themselves:
Tarina - Noora Paarto
Score - Joonas Samposalo

13:45 - 16:00    Orientation to Studies at TAMK
Interactive Media student tutors &  Ari Närhi, Ada
Music production student tutors & Janne Tauriainen, Jupiter
Fine Art student tutors & Antti Haapio, Piirustussali

: Finlayson Campus &  Finlayson
(BTW, Ada is the big open classroom in the 5th floor. Jupiter you can find in the 4th floor, and Piirustussali is on the 3rd.)
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