Website for Top button undone is online!

Excerpt from the video by Tiina Lehikoinen
The website for the art exhibition by graduating students the fine art programme, Top button undone, has been published!
The site contains all information concerning the exhibition, including intros to the artists and their works, the latest news, contact information, press photos as well as a personality test, ”Which piece of art are you?” 
Fanni Maliniemi working on her installation 'Adam'
Top button undone is an exhibition by the graduate students of the Degree Programme in Fine Art in the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. 27 up-and-coming contemporary artists present their works of art. The techniques seen in the exhibition are diverse: the works of Top button undone include but aren’t limited to multichannel video art and animation, graphic novels, adventurous paintings, exciting installations and courageous community art. The exhibition opens a gateway into topics relating to the experiencing and making of art, as well as its significance and future in our society.
Exhibition opening on March 28th, 4pm at Art Centre Mältinranta and 6pm at TR1 Kunsthalle. Welcome!
The exhibition is open from March 29th to April 13th in TR1 Kunsthalle and March 29th to April 14th in Art Center Mältinranta.
By: Elina Ylhäisi
Translation: Auri Mäkelä
Tiina Heikkilä: Page from graphic novel