Roll Up! Art competition

 During the past year, the value and state of art has aroused a lot of conversation and maybe it’s time to wrap things up a bit:

Image has suffered an inflation. Cameras are cheap, everyone knows how to use one and the enormous amount of visual irritants in our cityscape is more than overwhelming. The hectic, effusive level of image and information builds an atmosphere where the most important thing is to make your time count and maximize profits. The jammed mind might find it hard to hold still, reflect, ponder and face feelings and so often these needs are neglected.

Maybe instead of setting expectations that must be fulfilled before we can accept something as art, we should face it as it is and see what it has to say. After all, the need to experience and produce art has existed as long humankind and the role of art as the mirror of its time and society wont change.

Roll Up! Art to Tampere- project believes that the role of art in culture and the city of Tampere is inevitable. The people of Tampere get a chance to vote which piece they want to be set up a huge wall on Satakunnankatu. The graduating Fine Art program students and local business Anetcom orchestrated the project, where Anetcom picked the top three works and now the final winner is up for voting on the Aamulehti webpage.
Iina Myrsky: Kilppariprinssi (The tortoise prince)

Sanni Weckman: Suudelma (The Kiss)

Ilai Elias Lehto: Tenkkapoo

Vote for your favorite on

Text: Riikka Enne 2014